Solo ad frequentlky asked questions and answers
When you buy a solo add, you and your solo ad provider (me) will aggree on an amount of clicks and the cost

When you run a solo ad you will get instant traffic

With solo ads, you get instant ;eads sent right to your mailbox
The disadvantages of solo ads
Here are the advantages of buying quality solo ads
You need to qualify and stay in touch with your leads. You also need to clean up bogus leads.
Image of people working from home which is a great niche for running successful solo ads
MAke sure to always test your solo ad provider before buying larger amounts of clicks
Always let your solo ad seller know if you are unhappy for any reason
Image of a solo ads clickreport of where the visitors came from
Image of a man in a video sales letter pitching his product
What is a good solo ad opt in rate? Anywhere from 25% to 50% or higher depeding on the offer
Always improve your landing pages, sales funels and email swipes for your solo ad offers
Get help on an outsource level to create better funnels
You should always tweak your landing pages and email swipes to get better conversions
image depicting two solo ad buyers looking for a mentor to role model for their ad campaigns
Keep your solo ad campaigns 100% simple